Food Grade Trailer Inspections

Our repair facility is open 24 hours to help resolve any issues.

No Appointment Necessary on weekdays. Minnesota 19 Truck Wash is never closed!

218375SCHROEPFER62627Pass05-26-19 03:52 pm CDT
218374International105210Pass05-26-19 03:35 pm CDT
218373magnum16541173029Pass05-26-19 03:00 pm CDT
218371Blinsky 198529156Pass05-26-19 02:29 pm CDT
218370Lessors122212768Pass05-26-19 02:08 pm CDT
218369Blue nation0064006Pass05-26-19 01:05 pm CDT
218368Stream Transport12260Pass05-26-19 01:02 pm CDT
218367Southern refrigerated 2192014172065Pass05-26-19 11:49 am CDT
218366Southern refrigerated 2191074172285Pass05-26-19 11:42 am CDT
218365Odegova1311081Pass05-26-19 11:13 am CDT
218364MARTEN 6326223312Pass05-26-19 10:38 am CDT
218363MARTEN 6423723137Pass05-26-19 10:26 am CDT
218362magnum19461183009Pass05-26-19 10:24 am CDT
218361R and R Transportation 8468021Pass05-26-19 10:10 am CDT
218360Mjc carriers inc031214Pass05-26-19 10:01 am CDT
218359Midwest Trucking7071623Pass05-26-19 09:27 am CDT
218358Great Plains8002G919Pass05-26-19 09:13 am CDT
218357Ferguson39523312Pass05-26-19 09:06 am CDT
218356Q Carriers73185652Pass05-26-19 09:04 am CDT
218355Tvg Express 0738Pass05-26-19 08:27 am CDT
218354Q Carriers73595687Pass05-26-19 08:11 am CDT
218353Lily6788885317109Pass05-26-19 08:01 am CDT
218352MARTEN 6457723277Pass05-26-19 07:47 am CDT
218351Prime679112143367Pass05-26-19 06:20 am CDT
218349Holland1879918Pass05-25-19 10:23 pm CDT
218348Florida Beauty7097224Pass05-25-19 10:10 pm CDT
218347Kottke 6397735Pass05-25-19 09:40 pm CDT
218346MARTEN 6484421944Pass05-25-19 09:27 pm CDT
218345Van Wyk12331469Pass05-25-19 08:54 pm CDT
218344Bay&bay 279817092Pass05-25-19 07:37 pm CDT
218343Bay&bay 63317032Pass05-25-19 07:32 pm CDT
218342Q Carriers74485502Pass05-25-19 06:51 pm CDT
218341Van Wyk12481497Pass05-25-19 06:19 pm CDT
218340Lessors121492618Pass05-25-19 06:16 pm CDT
218339magnum19421163038Pass05-25-19 06:00 pm CDT
218338magnum16321153072Pass05-25-19 05:52 pm CDT
218337Great Plains9028782Pass05-25-19 05:39 pm CDT
218336Hedge and Herburg1727178Pass05-25-19 05:32 pm CDT
218335Great Plains7026744Pass05-25-19 04:48 pm CDT
218334Q Carriers73195539Pass05-25-19 04:39 pm CDT
218333Lessors1220882829Pass05-25-19 04:30 pm CDT
218332magnum16611153032Pass05-25-19 04:18 pm CDT
218331Lessors121922687Pass05-25-19 03:56 pm CDT
218330Infinity Express10410304Pass05-25-19 03:22 pm CDT
218329KARR Transport17153189Pass05-25-19 03:09 pm CDT
218328Prime690135163072Pass05-25-19 02:40 pm CDT
218327Lessors122872573Pass05-25-19 02:32 pm CDT
218324Alstar truck lines 0270r3015Pass05-25-19 12:46 pm CDT
218322Q Carriers73705678Pass05-25-19 12:20 pm CDT
218321Prime610443191481Pass05-25-19 12:17 pm CDT
218320Prompt2038088Pass05-25-19 12:12 pm CDT
218319Bay and bay28061011Pass05-25-19 11:49 am CDT
218318Maximus Transportation LLC1385325Pass05-25-19 11:47 am CDT
218317MARTEN 6270023325Pass05-25-19 11:15 am CDT
218316J&R Schugel1277491863Pass05-25-19 11:10 am CDT
218315LDH Freight8205301Pass05-25-19 11:06 am CDT
218314Lessors120102804Pass05-25-19 10:20 am CDT
218313Lawrence56124333535Pass05-25-19 10:09 am CDT
218312Holland1721h883Pass05-25-19 10:01 am CDT
218311Great Plains9024g906Pass05-25-19 09:55 am CDT
218310Stream Transport14944Pass05-25-19 09:47 am CDT
218309Blue sunshine 333102Pass05-25-19 09:40 am CDT
218308Smart logistics 3409805Pass05-25-19 09:00 am CDT
218307Kannel39391715Pass05-25-19 08:57 am CDT
218306MACIK59705Pass05-25-19 08:55 am CDT
218305Gulf Northern Express502353218Pass05-25-19 08:53 am CDT
218304Jim Palmer jp0123165156Pass05-25-19 08:41 am CDT
218303Kottke 544754Pass05-25-19 07:52 am CDT
218302Ayat Log.49444935Pass05-25-19 07:14 am CDT