Food Grade Trailer Inspections

Our repair facility is open 24 hours to help resolve any issues.

No Appointment Necessary on weekdays. Minnesota 19 Truck Wash is never closed!

21474862373K&H56520Pass11-20-18 05:19 pm CST
21474862372Kottke6317532Refused11-20-18 05:17 pm CST
21474862370FMF Transport00611916Pass11-20-18 04:54 pm CST
21474862369GP XPRESS757787Pass11-20-18 04:50 pm CST
21474862365DOLPHIN CARRIERS 775341127Pass11-20-18 04:32 pm CST
21474862364JD Double M720169Pass11-20-18 04:23 pm CST
21474862361RUSSO BROTHER114RB 165Pass11-20-18 04:08 pm CST
21474862360K and h56541Pass11-20-18 03:51 pm CST
21474862359K and h110730Pass11-20-18 03:49 pm CST
21474862357MVT3225379Pass11-20-18 03:29 pm CST
21474862356Iron trucking 0412Pass11-20-18 03:27 pm CST
21474862354Eric Johnson 71257668Pass11-20-18 03:00 pm CST
21474862353America midwest8028819Pass11-20-18 02:50 pm CST
21474862352MARTEN6321523856Pass11-20-18 02:49 pm CST
21474862351Richie’s Trucking22625979Pass11-20-18 02:49 pm CST
21474862349California overland22956290Pass11-20-18 02:30 pm CST
21474862348K&H Farms110785Pass11-20-18 02:29 pm CST
21474862346AAR trucking0293070Pass11-20-18 02:23 pm CST
21474862345K&H13308Pass11-20-18 02:08 pm CST
21474862344CR England5413625377Pass11-20-18 01:57 pm CST
21474862341Harfo Transport Inc115354322Pass11-20-18 01:36 pm CST
21474862340TNR Logistics737259782Pass11-20-18 01:33 pm CST
21474862339MARTEN6397923451Pass11-20-18 01:17 pm CST
21474862338America midwest2770877Pass11-20-18 01:06 pm CST
21474862335Kottke486907Pass11-20-18 12:50 pm CST
21474862334Lessors12152605Pass11-20-18 12:41 pm CST
21474862331K&H Farms133051Pass11-20-18 12:27 pm CST
21474862330INTERSTATE10004384Pass11-20-18 12:21 pm CST
21474862329Magnum19561173012Pass11-20-18 12:16 pm CST
21474862327K&H Farms132071Pass11-20-18 11:40 am CST
21474862326Dutch Maid3213420Pass11-20-18 11:39 am CST
21474862325Byron L Lang183319Pass11-20-18 11:37 am CST
21474862324MARTEN6391921323Pass11-20-18 11:36 am CST
21474862323America midwest0224236Pass11-20-18 11:35 am CST
21474862321Florida Beauty2757387Pass11-20-18 11:25 am CST
21474862319rabbit river90576Pass11-20-18 11:14 am CST
21474862318Magnum18151163023Pass11-20-18 11:14 am CST
21474862317LAUT1665328Pass11-20-18 11:13 am CST
21474862316Van dyke14862Pass11-20-18 11:11 am CST
21474862315Jerry labrie63550Pass11-20-18 11:08 am CST
21474862314Bp Freight 018bp012Pass11-20-18 10:54 am CST
21474862313DELTA3115021Pass11-20-18 10:44 am CST
21474862312Glory3135523Pass11-20-18 10:39 am CST
21474862311Magnum17241193007Pass11-20-18 10:24 am CST
2147486230MARTEN6189421630Pass11-20-18 10:10 am CST
2147486229D and m logistics67259991Pass11-20-18 10:08 am CST
2147486228MTW704700bPass11-20-18 10:02 am CST
2147486227Eickhoff6420241Pass11-20-18 10:01 am CST
2147486226McFarland12935090Pass11-20-18 09:55 am CST
2147486225LOGISTICS BUDDY367531r099Pass11-20-18 09:54 am CST
2147486224MARTEN6413221409Pass11-20-18 09:22 am CST
2147486223Kottke486868Pass11-20-18 09:03 am CST
2147486222Great Plains7023g782Pass11-20-18 08:54 am CST
2147486221Prime670138170595Pass11-20-18 08:14 am CST
2147486220REINHART FOODS1140019721900377Pass11-20-18 08:10 am CST