Food Grade Trailer Inspections

Our repair facility is open 24 hours to help resolve any issues.

No Appointment Necessary on weekdays. Minnesota 19 Truck Wash is never closed!

22172887MARTEN 6422621748Pass07-18-19 11:51 am CDT
22172886SVO TRANSPORTATION 326105Pass07-18-19 11:43 am CDT
22172885Kottke 663964Pass07-18-19 11:38 am CDT
22172884Florida Beauty79852068Pass07-18-19 11:29 am CDT
22172883Prime691161190479Pass07-18-19 11:20 am CDT
22172882Carry Transport2901218701Pass07-18-19 11:15 am CDT
22172880HCT4452027Pass07-18-19 10:42 am CDT
22172879magnum16711173019Pass07-18-19 10:41 am CDT
22172878KTS2749253727Pass07-18-19 10:39 am CDT
22172877Great Plains7004G908Pass07-18-19 10:38 am CDT
22172876Great Plains8002G902Pass07-18-19 10:36 am CDT
22172875America midwest56178817Pass07-18-19 10:35 am CDT
22172874RAHN14206Pass07-18-19 10:34 am CDT
22172873Q Carriers73855696Pass07-18-19 10:33 am CDT
22172872MARTEN 6203024453Pass07-18-19 10:27 am CDT
22172871KTS2749253727Pass07-18-19 10:12 am CDT
22172870America midwest4278814Pass07-18-19 10:10 am CDT
22172869Major transportation 530260Pass07-18-19 10:08 am CDT
22172868K&H25341Pass07-18-19 09:42 am CDT
22172867America midwest9769953Pass07-18-19 09:28 am CDT
22172866Hudson1614707Pass07-18-19 09:19 am CDT
22172865US FOODS198421530134Pass07-18-19 08:47 am CDT
22172864Kurt Rippentrop779857Pass07-18-19 08:45 am CDT
22172863Prime691283172254Pass07-18-19 08:37 am CDT
22172862JB EXPRESS114136Pass07-18-19 08:29 am CDT
22172861Great Plains5006791Pass07-18-19 08:22 am CDT
22172860Kottke 1025926Pass07-18-19 08:16 am CDT
22172859LTI67352487Pass07-18-19 08:08 am CDT
22172858Great Plains8035G905Pass07-18-19 07:59 am CDT
22172857America midwest0994143Pass07-18-19 07:52 am CDT
22172856K&J Trucking203180086Pass07-18-19 07:36 am CDT
22172855JT TRUCKING57162Pass07-18-19 07:07 am CDT
22172854McFarland13115112Pass07-18-19 06:03 am CDT
22172853Wissota107839R53197Pass07-18-19 03:25 am CDT
22172852Ferguson39723312Pass07-18-19 02:54 am CDT
22172851Lessors123302634Pass07-18-19 12:07 am CDT
22172850Blinsky 164725118Pass07-17-19 11:39 pm CDT
22172849Great Plains9018G743Pass07-17-19 11:26 pm CDT
22172847K&H253A73Pass07-17-19 09:19 pm CDT
22172846K&H123014Pass07-17-19 09:13 pm CDT
22172845K&H Farms133047Pass07-17-19 09:12 pm CDT
22172844Russo Brothers105110Pass07-17-19 08:48 pm CDT
22172843Vanwyk11501617Pass07-17-19 08:46 pm CDT
22172842Kottke 7062842Pass07-17-19 08:39 pm CDT
22172841Ferguson Trucking 6374T-158Pass07-17-19 06:54 pm CDT
22172840Kaannel39491715Pass07-17-19 06:38 pm CDT
22172839Kottke 608896Pass07-17-19 06:20 pm CDT
22172838MARTEN 6469624497Pass07-17-19 06:06 pm CDT
22172837Kavkaz 584011Pass07-17-19 05:51 pm CDT
22172836Erb270377401213Pass07-17-19 05:33 pm CDT
22172835ABCOAB976AB1515Pass07-17-19 05:22 pm CDT
22172834RRS130315Pass07-17-19 04:45 pm CDT
22172833Cat express3554770Pass07-17-19 04:17 pm CDT
22172831Great Plains9024G788Pass07-17-19 03:44 pm CDT
22172830Quality Transport103T104Pass07-17-19 03:16 pm CDT
22172829American pride7015827Pass07-17-19 03:03 pm CDT
22172828Byron and lang182326Pass07-17-19 03:02 pm CDT
22172827Florida Beauty4247307Pass07-17-19 02:46 pm CDT
22172825Byron L Lang182326Pass07-17-19 02:41 pm CDT
22172823Blue ocean10R03921Pass07-17-19 02:23 pm CDT
22172822Lawrence Transportation MN8509303475Pass07-17-19 02:21 pm CDT
22172821Atl. Inc.601134309Pass07-17-19 02:18 pm CDT
22172820Kottke 1030905Pass07-17-19 02:05 pm CDT
22172819Gutierrez Trucking106T108Pass07-17-19 01:51 pm CDT
22172818Nashvill Transport10127711Pass07-17-19 01:40 pm CDT
22172817America midwest6337324Pass07-17-19 01:30 pm CDT
22172816Alvil Trucking Inc.80951952Pass07-17-19 01:27 pm CDT
22172815Kottke 642974Pass07-17-19 01:07 pm CDT