We will wash and detail your rig.

Washing wheels on a semi-truck at MN 19 Truck Wash and Repair

We wash virtually any type of vehicle:

  • ATVs
  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Farm Equipment
  • Fire Trucks
  • Pickups
  • RVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Tractor / Trailers / Tankers

No appointment necessary.

Trailer Wash Rates

Regular hot water washout $38
30-minute washout $76
45-minute washout $114
1-hour washout $152


Tractor/Trailer Wash  (Click for details)

Tractor wash – regular cab/day cab $45
Tractor/trailer wash – dry/refrigerated style only $100
Tractor/trailer/regular washout – dry/refrigerated style only $138
Trailer Wash – dry/refrigerated style only $60
DC Diesel – DC Triple Wash $130
Inside Hopper Wash – 15-minute increments $35


Tanker Wash  (Click for details)

Extra Large Tanker $85
Large Tanker $60
Small Tanker $50


Other Vehicles  (Click for details)

Grain Hopper $60
Extra Large Straight Truck $75
Straight Truck $50
RV’s, Buses, and Campers $70
Standard Pop-Up $22
Pop-Up with Duals $27
Cars/Standard Pickup – 1500 and Small SUVs $10
Pickups – 2500 and over $15
Side/end and Belly Dumps $59
Flat Beds Without Sides $50
Flat Beds With Sides $55
Car Trailer top and Bottom Wash $65
Enclosed Animal Transporter $40
Farm Equipment
Determined by type and size at time of request
Car, Sled, Speciality Trailers
Determined by type and size at time of request
Muddy 4x4s – Goes by the Hour $30
Engine Wash $25


Hot Water De-Icing  (Click for details)

Tractor/Day Cab $35
Dry Van Style Trailer $45
Specialty Trailers $40
Disposal Fee $35

Hot water prices will be added to any tractor/trailer needing a de-icing prior to a wash


DOT Inspections & Repair Work

DOT Inspection $60
Hourly Rate for Repair Work — Daytime rate $95


The Finishing Touch

Lemon Fresh Scent Deodorizer $8.75 addt’l
Bug Soaker $3.00 addt’l
Turtle Wax Ice $5.00 addt’l
Trailer Sanitizer $8.50 addt’l
Trailer Rail or Rim Cleaning/AlumaShine $15.00 addt’l
AlumaShine use other than rails and rims $23.82/gallon