We offer contract pricing with carriers.

We offer discounts for contracts that cover multiple services. For example, truck and trailer washes, interior and exterior, and basic standard maintenance services (oil changes, belts, starter, alternator, water pump, etc.)

The more services you contract with us the better discounts we will offer. This could include reductions on fuel prices, hourly labor rates on repairs, part costs.

We offer personalized billing options including:

  • Direct billing to your accounts payable.
  • Charge accounts can be established with a one-page application.
  • All popular credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • Fleet based checks and fleet cards accepted including T-checks, Com-checks, Fleet One, DFS, ComData, EFS, Fleet One, and TCH. These can be used at the pumps or in-house with our point-of-sale system. (Fleet cards cannot be used for a truck wash but a fleet check can be.)

We offer frequent customer discounts.

We offer discounts on washes and repairs to repeat customers.

We also have incentive programs for fuel. The higher the volume the deeper the discount.