MN Truck Wash & Repair LogoMinnesota Truck Wash & Repair offers many driver amenities, 24/7.

We know that being a truck driver is hard work. It’s hard to be on the road all the time, hard to be away from your family, and it is hard to find all these things when you need them.

To us, it is simple, we just want to do what is right and take care of people.  We feel like drivers need to have a place to relax, meet their needs before they get back on the road, and maybe even kick back, watch television in a recliner or chat over a hot dog, some coffee, or popcorn.

We offer:

  • Free showers
  • Free popcorn, coffee, hotdogs
  • Vending machines (accepting major credit cards)
  • Free parking
  • No-fee ATM
  • Free WI-FI
  • Drivers lounge with dish TV with two recliners
  • A kitchen with a pizza oven, hot plate, and microwave
  • All these are available 24/7.

The majority of our staff are bilingual.