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Our Trailer Rental and Storage was our first business. It all began in 2006 when a food grade facility needed warehouse space and simply couldn’t find any available. We purchased four refrigerate trailers that they could lease. Since then we have grown, offering a wide variety of equipment and over  50 refrigerated, food-grade units.

Our refrigerated trailers can maintain temperatures of -20F to 80F.

Trailer Rental and Storage is your short-term solution.

Our customers lease our trailers:

  • As temporary warehouse space
  • For local fairs and events
  • As a temporary storage for grocery store cleanup inventory or remodeling
  • by meat markets during deer season
  • to hold any overflow of product that needs to be stored for a few days

Our trailers are available to lease:

  • Daily rental
  • Weekly leases
  • Monthly leases

Owner-operator drivers, as well as company drivers, can lease the units to meet their timetable. We do require a credit card on file.

If the trailer is parked on our lot, we charge a monthly parking rate of $75.00 per spot and will also fuel the trailer should the reefer run low. Fueling costs are $60 plus the cost of fuel.

Sell your trailer (or any vehicle) on consignment.

Sell your trailer (or any vehicle) on consignment.

  • Park the vehicle you want to sell on one of the busiest highways in Gaylord!
  • We will wash and detail your consignment vehicle for you.
  • You choose how long you want it to be displayed.
  • You set the price, we stick to it!
  • Competitive consignment rate.
  • No Appointment Necessary

Trailer Rental & Storage is never closed!

Here is our Consignment Agreement.