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Our Trailer Rental and Storage was our first business. It all began in 2006  a customer needed warehouse space. We purchased four refrigerate trailers that they could lease. Since then we have grown, offering a wide variety of trailers and over  50 refrigerated, food-grade units.  Our customers refer to this service as their “Warehouse On Wheels”.

Our refrigerated trailers can maintain temperatures of -20F to 80F.

Lease your trailers online.

Leasing a trailer fills the need for extended warehouse space which can be expensive and longer term than you may need. 

Trailer Rental and Storage is your short-term solution.

Our customers lease our trailers:

  • As temporary warehouse space
  • For local fairs and events
  • As a temporary storage for grocery store cleanup inventory or remodeling
  • by meat markets during deer season
  • to hold any overflow of product that needs to be stored for a few days

Our trailers are available to lease:

  • Daily rental
  • Weekly leases
  • Monthly leases

Owner-operator drivers, as well as company drivers, can lease the units to meet their timetable. Instead of hauling product to a warehouse, you can have the storage right at your facility.

Owning a refrigerated trailer is like having a car that is always running. A lot can go wrong with equipment from belts to batteries, to refrigeration units. Our repair facilities take care of that for you.

If the trailer is parked on our lot, we automatically check the temperature daily and will refuel automatically. You don’t even have to think about it.

Lease your trailers online.